Identifying tigers of the tourism zone of Ranthambore tiger reserve

Since the Ranthambhore tiger reserve reopened for visitors on 1st October 2013, according to us there have been sightings of 25 different adults / sub-adult tigers and four or five (not sure again) small cubs in the entire tourism zone. Not bad at all. Two of thees adults are in the recently opened zone 10. The details are:

Zone 1 to 6 – 18 adults/sub-adults and one cub: The tigers that have been seen in these five zones are T 24 (male), T 39 or Noor (female) and her sub adult male cub T 72 or Sultan, T 25 (male), T 19 (female) and her two full grown male cubs, T 16 or Machali (very old female), T 28 or Star male, T 6 (male), T 41 and her young cub, T 22 (old female), one male in T 22’s area around Lahpur border (not sure if this one was T 23 or one of T 26’s make cub, as I have not seen this one since the park reopened), occasionally T 3 (male), once T 30’s full grown daughter and three sub adult cubs of T 17 (and I have seen two of these three just ice from far away – so no pictures).

In Balas and Chidi Kho (Zone 7 and 8):   3 adults and one cub: T 8 and her really young cub, T8’s daughter from previous litter and T 34 (young male).  

In Kuwalji (Zone 9): Two adults: T 42 (young male) and recently one female (not sure which one) and I have not seen either one of them this season.

In the recently opened Zone 10 there is one male T 43 and one female T 13 with cubs but I have never seen this male and have not seen T 13 for over two years, since she changed her territory.

I have ID shots of all these tigers, except for the one “unknown” male in T 22’s area and the the male in zone 10. Planning on putting up Identification documents and a short profile for them so that you can download, print and carry them on your next safari. Till then watch this video of Identification shots of 17 of the tigers of zone one to zone 8.