2014 in twenty pictures

The year 2014 can be summed up for me in twenty pictures. Each one of thees pictures represents a photography trip that I did or a series of safaris that I did in Ranthambhore national park, where we live.

Purple sunbird

Purple Sunbird in our back yard at The Ranthambhore Bagh from early January

Steppe Eagles

Steppe Eagles from Bikaner Thar desert from end Jan to beginning Feb


Leopards in Bera in February

Snow leopard

Snow leopards in Hemis from mid to end February

Indian Peafowl

Fighting peahens in Ranthambhore – from March till end June I went for nearly all the safaris possible.

Ranthambhore tiger

Ustad – April Ranthambhore

Tiger mother and her cub

Noor and her new litter – found them in end May in Ranthambhore.

Tiger and cubs

Unnis and her cubs crossing Rajbagh lake in end May

Ranthambore tigers

Unnis and her cubs in a chattri in Rajbagh lake in mid June

Wild tiger and cubs

Unnis and her cubs in end June in Ranthambore

Flowering plateaus

Flowering in Western Ghats and Goa from July to mid September

Lion kill

Lions killing a wildebeest in Masai Mara in mid August

Serval cat

Stalking Serval in Masai Mara in August

African elephant at dusk

Elephants at dusk in end August in Samburu


Hunting leopard in Samburu in end August


Jaguar in Pantanal in early to mid October


Pantanal in mid October

Tiger and cub

Noor and her son in beginning November in Ranthambhore

wild tiger

Noor scaring off her male son from her forst litter in end November in Ranthambhore

tiger in action

Unnis and her playful cubs in mid December in Ranthambhore

Hope 2015 turns out as good for me.