Lodge owner, photographer, wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, traveller or just plain confused…….that’s for you to decide…………..

Aditya Singh
The Ranthambhore Bagh, Ranthambhore Road, Sawai Madhopur.


I have a background in sciences with a Bachelors degree in Engineering. I followed this up by joining the ICS (Indian Civil Service) and worked there till I decided that my interests and calling lay in work in the field of environment and natural habitat & wildlife protection.
I have lived in Ranthambhore for many years working on various projects in this domain as recorded below.

Environment & Wildlife Projects

Water security in Indala plateau in Ranthambhore (Jan 2008 – Present)
Started a water security project in the Indala plateau of Ranthambhore tiger reserve with the Forest Department and successfully dug three large water holes in the same plateau.

M.Sc. Environment & Ecology (May 2006 – Present)
I enrolled in a masters program in Environment and Ecology and aim to do my doctorate in the same subject.

Monsoon Project (May 2006 – Sep 2006)
I was part of a very small team that along with a few officers of the Forest Department of Ranthambhore conceived and implemented the “Anti-grazing and Wildlife monitoring project” in Ranthambhore. We conceived the project, collected funds for it and were actively involved in its implementation.

TOFT Representative (2006 – Present)
I was appointed as the Ranthambhore representative for Travel Operators for Tigers in 2006.

Documentation of wildlife in Corbett National Park (May 2005)
I spent 28 days documenting and photographing wildlife in and around Corbett National Park for a personal project that is yet to happen.

Third Tiger Crisis (Mar 2005 – Present)
I was part of a small group of people who highlighted the sorry plight of the tigers in India. This started from Ranthambhore and later on came to be known as the Third Tiger Crisis. This started a big debate between conservationists all over the world and eventually led to a drastic revamp of the official tiger conservation set-up in India.

Operation Co-Operation, Ranthambhore (Feb 2005 – Mar 2005)
I played an integral part in setting up, planning and execution of the short lived but highly successful anti-poaching program called Operation Co-Operation – a joint effort between the Forest Department and the stake-holders of Ranthambhore National Park – which lead to the identification and capture of three gangs of tiger poachers of Rajasthan.

Tracking and trapping of “Man-eating Leopards” (Dec 2004 – Jan 2005)
I was requested by “The Chief Wildlife Warden” of the State of Rajasthan to join a team to search & capture man eating leopards which were causing significant human damage in the Chittor district. This project was done under the auspices of “Tiger Watch”. This activity was successfully completed in Jan 2005.

Project on Bio-Diversity of Ranthambhore (June 2004 – Present)
I am working as a part of the team under the auspices of Tiger Watch which conducts bio-diversity studies in the region of Ranthambhore.

Kids for tigers (June 2003 – Present)
Coordinator, Ranthambhore
Kids for Tigers is a nation-wide program that aims at educating, involving, creating and enhancing the awareness of tigers and related topics among school children. I also am responsible for the annual camp, which brings together kids selected for their interest and proficiency in this domain where we train them to be naturalists and develop as “Tiger Ambassadors”.

Compilation of official listing of birds in Ranthambhore (2003 – 2004)
I was responsible, with another coordinator, for the compilation of the official list of all birds (resident and migratory) in the areas of Ranthambhore. This list is the official record of all the avians in this area and is used by numerous organizations as a reference guide.

Tiger population census (1984 – Present)
I am an active and regular member of the team which is responsible for the monitoring and oversight of the tiger census program in India.

“Danger in Tigers Paradise” (2001 – 2002)
Worked with The BBC in support their filming of the aforesaid 1 hour television documentary. The documentary focused on the life of a tigress and her litter consisting of 2 male cubs and the issues and challenges they face. Worked involved included tracking, identifying and assisting in the filming of the tigers.

Education & Vocational Summary

Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi
Bachelor of Engineering, BMS College Of Engineering, Bangalore
The Indian Civil Service, Ministry Of Communication, New Delhi.


Citizenship: Indian
Date of Birth: 24/5/1966
Marital Status: Married

Picture taken by Andy Rouse