Machali’s timeline

Machali (T 16) – Ranthambhore’s best known tigress worldwide – Born: monsoons 1997 and still alive at 19 years. Machali (numbered T 16 after 2007) was born in the monsoon months (July-September) of 1997. She was part of a litter of three female cubs born to “original Machali.”  By the end of 1999 she had…


Stalking tigress

On the morning of 7th May 2008, we entered Ranthambhore national park on a safari. I was with my photography guru – Andy Rouse from UK. Soon enough we spotted T 17 hiding in a patch of grass on top of a low hill. She was eyeing a small herd of Spotted Deer at the…


T 24 or Ustaad episode in Ranthambhore

Warning: Graphic images   8th May 2015 – Ranthambhore national park I, Aditya Singh, was on a safari in Ranthambhore national park with my friend Dharmendra Khandal of Tiger Watch. At around 18:05 hours we were parked near a lake when we heard a wireless message in a Forest Department jeep that was parked next…


2014 in twenty pictures

The year 2014 can be summed up for me in twenty pictures. Each one of thees pictures represents a photography trip that I did or a series of safaris that I did in Ranthambhore national park, where we live. Hope 2015 turns out as good for me.