2014 in twenty pictures

The year 2014 can be summed up for me in twenty pictures. Each one of thees pictures represents a photography trip that I did or a series of safaris that I did in Ranthambhore national park, where we live. Hope 2015 turns out as good for me.

Too close for comfort

“Gemunu” is a wild tusker was born in 1991, part of an elephant herd based in Yala national park of Sri Lanka. Though his mother was vary of vehicles and visitors to the park, Gemunu was extremely tolerant of them. Male elephants have to leave the herd once they grow up and after Gemunu left…

cheetah charge

Tanzania Feb-March 2012

We flew into Killimanjaro airport at the base of Mount Killimanjaro and after grabbing a quick lunch in Arusha, we drove out to Tarangire national park in pouring rain. For a month there had been no rains in this area and we had heard the wildebeests migration is stuck in Central Serengeti. They had yet…

Five weeks in Masai Mara National Reserve – Week 3

At the end of the second week we bid goodbye to Kahini, Shivang and all their friends and crossed the Mara River to go towards Talek River. This week we had a group of close friends and family who were booked in Sunworld Safari’s amazing camp (Mara Bush Camp). This place is located in the…